Aerial Advertising Is Sure To Make You Look Up

Aerial advertising is a form of advertising, where balloons, aero planes, blimps or helicopters are used to display advertising materials. Statistics states that 88% of the people surveyed remember seeing an advertisement while 79% of the people remember the product and 67% of the people remember at least one half of the actual advertisement. This only proves that Aerial advertising is an effective method of advertising.

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It is instinctive for any person to look up on hearing an aircraft or helicopter or even seeing a blimp. Anything seen or heard in the skies is still an exotic experience. The requirements of an aerial vehicle used for advertising are low air speed flying, full stalls of the aircraft and maximum maneuvers to ensure that the advertised material are being seen by the audience below. Aerial Banners, Billboards, letter banners are all light weight advertising materials having large prints and logo used in this type of Advertising foto.

Aerial Advertising using Air crafts:
Normal high-speed aero planes cannot be used for the purpose of advertising and the most common are the “prop aero planes”. These are fixed wing air crafts which can travel at a relatively low-speed and can stall when required. Helicopters are also used for banner towing. The disadvantage of usage of a fixed wing aircraft is that there are restricted air spaces in around sensitive installation or pivotal locations like Washington and New York City or the defense aerospace, the banner towing air crafts are not allowed in these regions.

Aerial Advertising using Blimps:
Blimps are non rigid floating airship which does not have internal supporting structures. Blimps rely on hot gases like helium to keep them afloat. In the year 1925, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company were the first to use blimp for their advertisement. In the modern-day blimps, LED billboards are fitted to give a better view to audience during day or night-time. Blimps are more cost-effective method of advertising compared to others. One advantage of the blimp is that it can move freely in the skies, there is no restriction to its movement even in no fly zones.

Aerial Advertising using Sky writing:
On a clear day with calm winds, sky writing is one of the best ways of aerial advertising. Short messages written in the sky in a horizontal pattern, which is parallel to the equatorial axis of the earth, refer to as sky writing. A vapor projector is used to create the smoke and the pilot writes the message in the sky. This is popular with many companies. Short dramatic messages are written regarding either personal or business related. Personal messages vary from birthday wishes to marriage proposals.

An important aspect of aerial advertising is that the FAA has set guidelines on the usage of the aircraft and the safety measures needed during aerial advertising. Written approvals along with certificates indicating that the personal flying the aircraft has completed the training are mandatory. The FAA has created complete Information on the operations of banner towing. Aerial advertising might not be able to compete with the new age technology and the internet but it still is one of the best effective methods of advertising which can reach a larger audience in a short span of time.

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