Motherboards: What Are They, and How Can I Choose One?

If you were to be asked to choose one gadget that you truly cannot live without, most likely the answer would be computers. Almost all of us interact with computers on a daily basis; at work, at school, or at home. To optimize its potential, having a quality computer is necessary. But what makes for a quality computer? There are countless small bits and bobs which make up our computer, and this fact makes it seem that finding the perfect components is a herculean task.

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Thankfully, this task is not as hard as it may seem. There are certain parts which are more important than others, and therefore should be prioritized. The motherboard is our computer’s number one component. Simply put, the motherboard is a printed circuit board (PCB) which hosts various computer components. In spite of this straight-forward definition, how a motherboard works is far from simple. For one, this is because the main components connected to the motherboard are extremely essential. These include the computer’s main memory system, central processing unit, and microprocessor. Should there be something wrong with the motherboard and these components fail to function properly, our computers would be rendered unusable nytuesday.

But the motherboard’s accommodating capabilities are not limited to these essential components only. Specifically speaking, the term motherboard is not used for all PCBs. It is namely used to refer to a PCB with expansion capabilities, while a PCB with only a single board and no extra expansion capabilities is called a mainboard. The modern motherboard has slots or sockets which allows external peripherals to be inserted and utilized. Thus, the next time you use your external storage, game controllers, or speaker, you have the motherboard to thank. Electricity is supplied throughout the board, which connects each and every component which each other. Without this connection, each components on our computers would act entirely on their own, unable to create a seamless and integrated processing framework.

To get the most out of your computer, it is essential that you give special heed on the motherboard that you are going for. Knowing how to pick out the best motherboard is important when you plan on buying a pre-assembled computer, but when you are planning on going the custom-built route, this knowledge becomes paramount. One of the first things you would need to consider concerns your CPU of choice. Always make sure that the processor socket on the motherboard will fit the CPU; otherwise, the CPU would not be compatible and would not function.

If you want a superior computer, than try to get the best chipsets and the best memory you can. The perks of having a good memory storage may be clear, but chipsets are also important as they enable the components on the PCB to communicate with each other. There are also other features to pay special attention to. Check what the motherboard already has built-in, and what other additions can you fit in (such as the number of USB slots), then tailor this information to your needs. For example, on-board video cards are considered to be unfit for gaming, while SLI & Crossfire Compatibility is an essential feature for those seeking superior graphics. Do not forget that you would need to measure the size of the motherboard so that it would fit into your computer case. By choosing the best motherboard, getting the perfect computer for your needs is just one step away.

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