Why I Ditched My Smart Phone, Television, and Microwave

If you struggle with healthy meals, too much sitting at home and not enough energy to exercise, this article might be for you. You may learn ways to clear up your lifestyle to make healthy eating and exercise an easier part of your day! I will explain, in this article, how not owning a smart phone, television or microwave has made health and fitness much easier for me.

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A few years ago, I moved to Hawaii and found myself watching countless hours of television after work. The idea of getting home and not having to think or move much was enticing. I began to feel like the TV was robbing me of my time. I wasn’t meeting new people or having nearly as many cool experiences that others seemed to be having. I decided to go a little crazy and sell it. No deep thought about it, I just posted it to Craigslist and someone jumped right on it. I sold it for very little money to eliminate it quickly. You might be saying to yourself, “if I lived in Hawaii I wouldn’t own a TV either”! Well, I have moved from there and still have no TV to this day. I found myself having more time to do the things I had been wanting to do but couldn’t always work into my schedule. I research fitness, read, I have more time to get outside, hike, and walk. It also opened up more time to find recipes and cook healthier meals. The countless hours television can steal from you are overwhelming. I must mention the ads that go along with TV, they are awful! One minute you are watching one of your favorite shows and the next you are buying a new vacuum, and researching on your smart phone where that fancy new body care line is sold near you. So what if you gave up your TV? Would you have more time to exercise, think about your goals and even find cooking more enjoyable since you aren’t rushed Realme X7 Max 5G?

When I found more time to cook, I found myself not really using the microwave. I got rid of that on a whim as well. I grew up with a microwave and understood that it is a handy kitchen item, so I put in a closet for a few weeks and told myself if I didn’t use it after a few weeks, it would be out by the trash right away. Without a microwave you won’t be eating those microwave meals that look like fine cuisine on the box but fall short, very short of that or convenience food. Yes, softening butter for baking can be tricky the first time you realize the microwave is gone, my wife can attest to that! Cooking is a traditional, somewhat sacred act for me and using a microwave takes away from that experience of serving and even enjoying a great meal. It was an inconvenience at first but as humans we can adapt to almost anything so a microwave is not a part of my life anymore. With that gone I was curious of what else I could get rid of to reduce distractions.

In February of 2015, I had an Android phone that barely worked and a spare iPhone 4 that wasn’t functioning properly either. I decided they were the next to go and I got a basic flip phone. Yes, they still sell them. $50 later I had a new phone. What I forgot was the texting curve I would have to get used to, again, hitting each number multiple times to create a word! Some may argue that their smart phone helps them with their healthy lifestyle. If that is the case, continue what you are doing, because it is working for you. For me, it was another distraction, as it is for most people. A lot of people keep their phones within reaching distance so the second that they are bored it is right there to distract them. An hour later after you have scrolled through everyone’s news feed on social media or browsed the internet then you realize you are short on time and may not get to exercise today or do something else you had been hoping to do. What if that didn’t happen? We all know that a basic phone can’t distract you! Unless, you enjoy going back and reading all of your text messages or the phone call history, as that is about all they are good for. The distraction doesn’t always happen at home, maybe you get to the gym and the distraction starts. I frequently watch people in the gym who are on their phones nearly non-stop. Some will use their phone as music since they can do everything now. But wait, as you go to change the song you get a text message. Now you are in a conversation when minutes have gone by that could have been spent doing what you are there to do. Not only that, many seem to be in a steady sync of reps/movement and rest while checking their phone and repeat. Often people don’t realize that there are some very educated and successful people, when it comes to fitness, in the gym that you could learn from by watching. If you wanted to be a better writer and you saw J.K. Rowling in a coffee shop writing would you be on your phone scrolling or chatting? My guess is not, so why waste that time in the gym if you are aspiring to be healthy and fit and putting in multiple hours a week? Much can be learned from watching people in the gym.

If these things help you and don’t hinder you too much, try it out. Put your possessions that distract you in the closet and see how it works out for a few weeks. I have been guilty of nearly everything I said in this article, at one time, but I wanted to make a change for the better and not have distractions to be able to better focus on my goals. If the things that I mentioned aren’t distractions to you then found out what your distractions are? If fitness and health do not come easy, find a way to make it become easy!

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