Top 7 Very Useful Facebook Apps

There’s no doubt about it: Facebook is the most popular social network online 聊天室. The fact that anyone can use it to communicate, keep in touch and interact with other people (whether they’re friends, relatives or strangers) is the most important reason why Facebook manage to outrun Google, the search giant, in page views for a few months consecutively in the United States.

These past couple of months, the trend has continued, and now Facebook has a relatively stable monthly page view count of over 300 billion (just imagine the number, 300,000,000,000!) 交友網. But Facebook isn’t only an online messaging and picture sharing tool. Since the introduction of Facebook apps, users have the ability to do a lot of other things without leaving the website, including play games, manage their time and finances, video chat and much more.

If you didn’t know about these possibilities, here is a list of the most useful Facebook applications that can help you get started.

Advanced Wall. This should be everyone first install, because it adds a lot more possibilities to the default posting method. Using a WYSIWYG editor, you can now post messages that contain drawings, pictures, graffiti, video, flash, text of different sizes 識女仔方法, font and color, and a lot of other interesting and useful things.

Task Master. This is a very neat Facebook app that allows you to plan any tasks and To Do list items right on your Facebook account, which, as you may know, you can access from anywhere, anytime. This means that you won’t forget what you need to do because you left your phone or notebook home. The feature set is pretty basic, but enough for most tasks and small projects.

Birthday Calendar. Another great app that is similar to the above task manager, Birthday Calendar compiles all your friends birthday dates, so you can easily plan ahead for any presents and messages that you want to send them. Now you can create your own custom messages and buy the presents in advance for anyone you want.

Static FBML. This is a great app that helps you further customize the look and feel of your fan pages. While the default Facebook options are enough for most people, sometimes you just need more of them. Static FBML lets you easily customize the fan pages using HTML and FBML (FaceBook Markup Language), and the end result can be a very professional or personalized feel that few other pages can provide.

DivShare. This is one of the best apps available. It allows you to share any files with anyone. Now you can easily upload any mp3s, documents, ebooks or other stuff to DivShare for free and share it with anyone on Facebook. The only thing you’ll need is an account at DivShare, which you create when you allow the app access to your account. Music. This application is for all of you music lovers (and lovers:-). Using this Facebook app you can listen to your favorite songs, compare your playlist with your friends’ lists, listen to your friends’ music, share your music with others and much more.

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