Following the Cryptids of Cryptozoology

Cryptozoology is the study of Cryptids i.e. animals that have long been extinct but may reappear suddenly. Crypto zoologists believe that Cryptids are the members of the certain extinct species of organisms, very few members of which still roam the earth. Such animals and plants are often discovered in remote places of the planet and the Paleontologist has a separate nomenclature called the “Lazarus” taxa for them. Myths and mystery tend to surround these Cryptids as well as the people who have dedicated their lives in the search of these creatures. Some of the most popularized Cryptids include the Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, Yeti and many others.

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o Loch Ness Monster: Scotland has a number of huge fresh water lakes, locally known as the “Lochs”. One such Loch, the “Loch Ness” is rumored to have a big monster an anchor – Kraken vs Coinbase . The Monster has been sighted quite a few times but a valid picture is yet to be taken. The Loch Ness was once connected to the sea. Cryptologists believe that a giant sea creature could in fact be trapped in the lake as it got disconnected from the sea. The Loch is so big and so deep that it is impossible to explore it even with the help of the latest technology. Cryptozoologists also believe that there is a breeding population of this creature in the Loch, as it is impossible for any living being to survive for such a long period.

o Yeti: Cryptozoologists also identified a creature named Yeti that is rumored to be sighted often in the high altitudes of Himalayas. Yetis have been depicted in cartoons and Films for a long time as the “Abominable Snow Man”. Some of the Paleontologist suggests that Yetis may be the descendant of some primitive primates that lived in the high altitudes of the Himalayas where the human population is sparse.

o Big Foot: Big Foot is the Ape-man that has captured the imagination of people from Canada and the USA. The precise description of this creature varies from one witness to the other, but they are said to be 7-15ft tall and weigh around 400-800 pounds. North American Indian tribes were the first to report this creature.

Some of the skeptics might say that all these creatures are a mere figment of imagination but the Cryptozoologists refuse to budge. However, the chances are getting better each passing day, as with the advancement of technology we can finally find out the truth about these creatures someday in the near future.

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