Help Your Daughter Pick a Disney Halloween Costume

Thinking of a Disney Halloween Costume for your daughter this year? She has probably been watching Disney movies and has fallen in love with Ariel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Jasmine. Disney princesses are always a favorite. In addition there have been numerous Disney blockbusters that always fuel the Halloween season.

Disney princesses and pirates are always top sellers at the Disney Store thanks to movie hits like the Pirates of the Caribbean and the upcoming Disney Fairies. For older children and young teenagers, shows like Hannah Montana have produced a craze. In addition, camp Rock and the third “High School Musical” which opens in theatres the week before Halloween, are sure to produce in demand characters.

Mouni Roy looks stunning in a polka-dot dress - Times of India

Girls are watching these shows and movies all the time on the Disney Channel and everyone wants to be Hannah Montana. So whether you are looking for a princess like Cinderella, a traditional Disney character like Minnie Mouse, or something more evil like Cruella de Vil, you will find endless selection. In fact, the most difficult part of buying a Disney Halloween Costume for your daughter may be choosing the right one. There are hundreds of characters to choose from considering that Disney has been making films since the 1920’s. Here are some ideas on the hottest costumes for this season.

Every young girl dreams of being swept off her feet and rescued to live happily ever after by her Prince charming. Disney princesses like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the exotic Jasmine have for years fulfilled the female fantasy of glamorous beauty embodied by a princess. The Cinderella Prestige costume is in lovely blue and white complete with glovelettes, headband and choker MissFox .

The Jasimine costume will make you feel very exotic and this princess is unique in being the only princess from Asia and also the only one who does not marry. The purple and gold 2 piece can be worn with a foam necklace and jeweled headband. The Sleeping Beauty costume will leave you breathless with its vision in pink. Even Tinkerbell is now considered a princess in the Disney kingdom and this shimmery costume will leave everyone spellbound with its sheer wings flared short skirt and short sleeves.

If you are looking for something a little more in the Halloween spirit with lots of evil queens and witches there are lots of popular villains to choose from. If you want to really stand out from the rest, you can try the magnificent Maleficent Halloween Costume. This costume features a long black cape with purple trim, and attached collar for that dominant stance and a foam hood to finish it off.

If looks could kill then the Cruella de Vil costume is the one for you with its black dress and side slits. This costume features Cruella’s passion with a faux fur stole in white and a two tone wig to complete the image. No discussion of Disney evil characters would be complete without The Snow White Evil Queen, voted by Time magazine as one of the top 10 film villians of all time. This purple, black and white costume is highlighted by a long gown attached with a cape and a hood with a stand up collar.

Your teenager will be looking to Disney channel and upcoming movies for inspiration this Halloween season. Many young girls will want to emulate the hip and trendy Hannah Montana who continues to be enormously popular. There is quite and array Hannah costumes to suit your style. One of the most in demand is the Hannah with pink Jacket and Child Wig. a pink iridescent jacket is prominent in this outfit with a white top and attached black belt, and matching white pants. Your High schooler will love anyone of the characters from High School Musical, such as Sharpay and Gabriella. Your toddler need not get left out – your youngster is greatly influenced by television characters and Handy Mandy will be huge again this year.

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