Pillow Talk Between Big Pharma and the FDA

Those people who follow astrology have been waiting for Pluto in Capricorn People who follow conspiracy ‘theories’ have been waiting for the Truth to surface. Families who have lost loved ones or suffered through harm due to pharmaceutical medicines have had concerns – brought about by inner knowing – but couldn’t get doctors to listen to them. How interesting to see that all of those different circumstances have somehow been brought together. Theories have turned into fact, some say due to the influence of Pluto.

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The slimy underhanded exchange of money between the watchdog agencies and the multi-billion dollar business of Big Pharma are now being exposed to the light of truth. Would it surprise you to find out that the FDA calls the drug companies ‘clients’? Hello? What about the American public that the FDA supposedly is protecting? The amount of secret FDA inter-departmental memos showing that agency’s complicity in hiding the truth-from doctors as well as the public-is growing every day F95zone .

Would it surprise you to know that multiple studies on the most popular psychotropic drugs (for anxiety, depression, bipolar disease, etc) show that there is about a 60% improvement in mood with each drug…and about 60% improvement with placebo…and about 60% improvement with nothing? But if you take the drug, you get other-sometimes very serious-side effects? By the way, those side effects are not present with the placebo or from doing nothing. Obviously though, those who are depressed do need to do something. There are many other alternatives, including the old ‘talk therapy’ route. Don’t just stop your medications without a doctor’s assistance-some cannot be stopped cold-turkey.

Now for those who claim the pills they have been given have saved their lives, that may be so. Or, it may be that they just don’t want to hear that they have been duped. Maybe there are so people out there that actually benefits from the use of such drugs, but if so, that group hasn’t actually been found yet. It’s possible, but where are they?

When a physician graduates from medical school, there is an oath that must be taken. One of the statements is “First, does no harm”. I think if you were to examine the numbers of how many people have been harmed by the ingestion of inappropriate pharmaceutical substances you might agree that the oath has been broken. It’s not all the doctors’ fault though; if they haven’t been given the truth, how can they give you responsible treatment?

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