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How to choose a essay writing service You procrastinate because writing essays is not your forte. Procrastinate. Procrastinate. Now, you are staring down at the clock towards a deadline. There is a second reason you might not be able to complete your paper on time. There are services that will help you get out from under your circumstances. One problem is not so minor. All of them do not deliver quality work. Some of them aren’t very trustworthy. To say the stakes could be too high is an exaggeration. Failure to choose the right service could mean you fail your module. The wrong service could result in your entire course being cancelled 5 best online essay writing services. Let’s examine how we can spot the scammers and find the right essay writing service. 1. Where is the company located in? It is vital that the company that you select is based in your country. Here’s why: Essays and assignments can be difficult for foreign-based companies. Communicating with each other is easier because you are in the exact same time zone. One important point to remember is that not all

companies are based in Singapore. Many companies located in India and Pakistan make an effort to appear that they are in Singapore. Be sure to verify where they are actually located. 2) What is the value of this product? Notice I didn’t ask what price point. It is tempting to order cheap services. It is tempting to order from a cheap service. But, we all know the old adage “You get what’s in your pocket.” This applies especially to essay writing services. Many companies offer cheap services for a small price. They offer low wages to writers who come from underdeveloped countries, such as India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. When a non-English-speaking writer writes a paper and it is not clear why, it can scream ‘I DIDNaT write THISa to the professor grading that paper. 3) Can they be reached easily? Many of these service providers are only available via email. As we all know, a conversation that takes only 10 minutes over the phone could take several days or even weeks to complete via email. It’s nice to have alternative communication

methods. As answers are almost always instantaneous, a phone number is always a good option. They may also have Whatsapp which is basically an instant phone call. If you’re looking for a local phone number, this is what you want. I appreciate it if they have a local number. There are two reasons. One, it shows that the company has a Singapore office (see item 1). You can also walk into their offices and have a chat with them if you need. 4) The quality of their work. This is an important factor! Although they may have performed dozens or hundreds of jobs previously, how skilled are they today? The reliability of top essay services is what makes them stand out. This is true even for top essay authors. Top essay writing services cannot feature writers who have not been qualified academically or professionally. Have a look at the work they’ve done in the past. Ask for a reference. Refusal to give a reference is a red flag. Continue on. It is not difficult to find essay writing services. Problem is finding one that does an excellent job. Writing essays is often a

cost-effective way to make your money. If you pay very little, then you can often get very little. Look at their past work to determine whether a price is reasonable. 5) How customer-oriented is the company? It is impossible to make a good first impression. Are you feeling uncomfortable about your first meeting with this company? Poor customer service can often be found very early on. Does the company view your work as as important as it is to them? Is this the case? You can then expect that the research will be shorter and the analysis to less detailed. Be sure to ensure you receive prompt and quality service from the company you choose. 6) Will they provide you with a quality checklist and a plagiarism check? If they do not provide a copy of their plagiarism report, it is likely that there are good reasons. Most of your paper has been plagiarized. Even the best paper will be useless if it’s discovered by your instructor that it has been

published before. Why should you pay someone to copy previous works? You can do this yourself and not be charged a penny. It is also important to have a quality checklist. A quality checklist is not something many services offer. Those that do will be a great asset. This simple list allows the writer of the document to verify various quality controls as they are completed. They usually list items such as: Was this question answered correctly? Is the word count within 5% for what was asked? Is the paper formatted properly? Is there a conclusion to the paper? Etc. A writer who has to answer these questions will deliver a higher quality product. 7) How many years have they been around? Is this an ahere-to-be-gone operation or one that has proven its ability to keep its doors open for more months? Students pay a lot to

have papers written. However, when they request changes to their essays, they find out that the company has shut down. Or worse, the company may fold after they have paid them. Find out how many years the service has existed. Look elsewhere if it’s been around less than one or two years. Make the choice (Warning – Shameless advert ahead) Okay, now that you’ve learned what to look at, it’s time for you to find an essay writing service that can not just do the job but also does it well.

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